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Is 2023 The Year?

Children and Teens Are Hoping THIS Is The Year Their Cure Will Come.

2023 is also the year for you to join us in delivering hope to those children. We are a community of caring people, giving children and teens fighting cancer and blood disorders, the support they need and deserve.  You would be amazed to know that even a small gift goes very far to uplift a child receiving treatment in Northeast Ohio's children's hospitals. 

Cancer is  Big...

But Cancer is NOT bigger than US!   

Take a look at what your donation, big or small can provide:

$10 -  A  Memory Game, Journals, or Fun Masks

$25- A Retail Gift Card for Online Shopping or Craft Supplies

$50- Comfy Pajamas and Robes or New Video Game Download

$75- A Rolling Suitcase to pack personal items for hospital visits

$100-  Small Child Comfort Case Contents of Toiletries, laptop desk, electronics, gift cards

$150- Teen/Young Adult Comfort Case Contents of Toiletries, laptop desk, electronics, gift cards

$500- One Weekend of family activities, to enjoy special times and memory-making with family

$1,000- Funds student engaged cancer research for one month. 

Choose your level of giving. Every level is important.

Kids with cancer and blood disorders still want to be kids. Treatment takes courage, perseverance, and cutting-edge research.

Your donation gives kids rolling luggage filled with necessities for frequent/extended hospital visits, electronics, games, toys, sports equipment, streaming movie & music service subscriptions, room storage & decor items, books & journals, clothing,  restaurant/online-shopping gift cards, joyful experiences, and group meals for the entire pediatric oncology/hematology department!

Your donations provide opportunities for young scholars to conduct pediatric cancer research, within the guidance and mentorship of Case Western Reserve University- Case Comprehensive Cancer Center's doctors and scientists.   

The Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation has funded over the last two years, $25,000 for the Courtney Jones Summer Scholars and Pediatric Cancer Fellows Program.  The program seeks to provide enriching, diverse, and inclusive research opportunities to students ranging from high-school students through doctorate programs

Who Was Courtney?

Courtney Alana-Joy Jones was a powerhouse!  She was a Twinsburg, Ohio 6th grader. She had an abundance of beauty, brains, and brute!  After acing her classes, Courtney jostled a schedule of Ballet, Kajukempo Karate, Ice Skating, Swimming, Arts and Crafts, and Fashion.  She would never, ever turn down an opportunity to ride roller coasters, bungee jump, rock climb, or plan the next party.     

Courtney had a passion for living a joyful and abundant life. She was a perfect daughter and sister. She gave everything 110%.  When she didn't feel well enough to go dance classes and she slowed down on attending activities, doctors thought that she was battling a winter sinus infection.   The horror of hearing the words Leukemia-Lymphoma cancer is what came next. It changed her life, and the lives of everyone around her... forever.  

The Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation team work hard to ensure that in the times when families hear those dreaded words, We Are Here, We Are Committed, and We Understand.  

  Hero Spotlight

Meet Gigi!!!

   You can tell that she is showered with lots of love by all the cards and letters from friends and family.

   Here are a few words from Gigi's Mom-   "Genesis was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2018.   She is a sweet, sassy, loving, and smart 7-year-old.  Gigi's mom, dad, sister, and sister dog, love her very much. The family is so proud of her and could not ask for a more beautiful and courageous young lady.  Gigi has touched so many lives and put smiles on many strangers' faces. 

   We hate that this monster (cancer) has come into our lives and changed it forever.  Gigi has taught us all strength through dark times. We are encouraged by Gigi's strength and will continue to fight for every kid facing this monster"                                                 Gigi's Mom

Note:  Gigi sadly succumbed to cancer.  She touched my heart immensely and she will be missed. We have so much work to do to conquer cancer.   Please join us in this fight. Children's lives are depending on it.

Alisha M. Jones- CJCAC Founder & Exec. Director


Children hospitalized due to cancer spend lots of time dreaming... Wishing they were Cancer free, Wishing that they never had to face Cancer head-on, Wishing pain would go away.  Children fighting cancer dream of sharing healthy, joyous lives with family, friends, and classmates.  

Children with cancer spend a lot of time wishing that life would go back to normal. Sadly, cancer and blood disorders changes the lives of thousands of children every year. The Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation was established to help change that. 

Courtney Alana-Joy Jones was one of those kids diagnosed with cancer.  She was a beautiful, spirited 11-year-old girl, full of life, ambition, love, and dreams.  Courtney spread lots of joy and hope during her life, until the moment she passed away, one year after her diagnosis of Leukemia Lymphoma.

The Foundation

Established as a 501c (3) nonprofit charity

The Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation was established to continue Courtney’s bold dream of helping children and families, as they battle against cancer and fight for a cure. Courtney’s dreams and the compassion of her school community continues to fuel the growth and impact of this 100% volunteer-run Foundation.


The power of friends, families, and groups, joined together, will make a difference in the lives of these brave children. Engage in the fight. Build a team of care partners. This Foundation is You!

How to Help

Show children just how much you care

> Set up a Facebook Birthday Donation Fundraiser for Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation!

> Make a Financial Donation or a Recurring Gift

> Purchase Items on our Children/Teen Wish Lists

> Let Amazon donate while you shop by going to:, log in and Amazon donates .05%

> Sponsor Foundation Events

> Spread the word about this organization and establish a giving partner or group

> Attend Exciting Fundraising Events

> Volunteer Professional Services/Business Goods

> Follow, Like and Share us on Social Media!

We believe... that when you partner with us in ways big or small, children will see cure come sooner.

We believe in the power of communities, groups and associations. Small drops combined create vast oceans of change. We want and need you to join our Care & Cure Community.

Ask your co-workers, classmates, teammates, congregations,professional, social, trade and civic groups, Greek Letter organizations, friend and family groups, to choose Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation. We cant wait to work with you!  


 Our Mission

  • Obtain and appropriate funding for pediatric cancer research and development of underrepresented minority researchers/physicians

  • Create moments of joy for pediatric cancer and blood disorder patients and families

  • Engage youth and diverse communities-at-large in activities to expand pediatric cancer awareness and empowerment in the mission of realizing a cure

    Courtney A. Jones at UH Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital

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