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Philanthropist: Merriman-Webster dictionary describes the Greek root of philanthropy literally translated as "loving people". It refers to extending general goodwill to one's fellow people, and active efforts to promote the welfare of people to help make life better for others.  

A Philanthropist also means "someone who cares and backs up care with action", "a giving heart", "a compassionate and engaged human being", and  "a changemaker".

This year we are seeing more individuals, groups, businesses, and communities step up to partner with Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation. Join us and step into the spotlight. Tag us on social media.  We can't wait to see you shine in all your philanthropy glory!!!

Kids with cancer and blood disorders still want to be kids. Treatment takes courage, perseverance, cutting-edge research, and community commitment.

    Your donation gives kids rolling luggage filled with necessities for frequent/extended hospital visits, electronics, games, toys, sports equipment, streaming movie & music service subscriptions, room storage & decor items, books & journals, clothing,  restaurant/online-shopping gift cards, joyful experiences, and group meals for the entire pediatric oncology/hematology department!

    Your support provides opportunities for young scholars to conduct pediatric cancer research, within the guidance and mentorship of Case Western Reserve University- Case Comprehensive Cancer Center's doctors and scientists. We currently co-fund the Courtney Jones Cancer Research Clinical Fellow in the Huang Laboratory at CWRU. 

    The Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation has funded over the last two years, $25,000 for the Courtney Jones Summer Scholars and Pediatric Cancer Fellows Program.  The program seeks to provide enriching, diverse, and inclusive research opportunities to students ranging from high-school students through doctorate programs.  Every year we are expanding our commitment to pediatric cancer research.

Who Is Courtney?

Message from Courtney's Mom:     The Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation was born from the prayers of my daughter Courtney Alana-Joy Jones. She was a Twinsburg, Ohio 6th grade student. She was a kind, loving, fun, smart, and compassionate child. She gave everything 110%. I could go on and on about my daughter.

    When Courtney didn't feel well enough to attend dance classes or other activities, doctors thought that she was battling a winter sinus infection.  After multiple doctor visits, we were directed to the emergency room for further tests. Seemingly out of nowhere, we were struck with the horror of hearing that our child has Leukemia-Lymphoma. It was scary, overwhelming, confusing, and traumatizing. We immediately poured into prayer and reached out for all signs of hope. Courtney was surrounded by the love and support of family, friends, and community. 

    Courtney immediately received treatment for high-risk acute T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. While confined to the hospital, Courtney watched other kids suffer through their cancer battles while she suffered through her own. Courtney wanted to give pediatric patients moments of joy, hope, and uplifting.  She needed those things too.

    Courtney set out on her mission to help others in the midst of her pain. She remained confident that she would be cured. The thought of children dying because of lack of funding for pediatric research didn't make sense to Courtney. I could not possibly explain to her why there are not enough resources to allow children to enjoy a long lifetime full of birthdays. It didn't make sense to her and it should not make sense to anyone.  Sadly, the cure did not come for Courtney, and her mission continues. 

    I founded the Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation to make sure that my daughter's dream becomes a reality and her legacy. That legacy involves:

  • Funding pediatric cancer research involving dedicated scientists, capable of expanding traditional roles and representation in science and medicine.
  • Providing resources and experiences to children, teens, and young adults to uplift,  encourage, and give them joyful moments, and,
  • Expand pediatric cancer awareness in diverse communities, empowering youth and adults to champion philanthropic initiatives to end cancer.

    To my daughter Courtney, I love you.  To everyone else, please know that we are fighting for you, and the people you love.  We need your support and I hope that you will join us in the fight.

Sincerely,                                                                  Alisha M. Jones, Founder and Executive Director Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation

       COMFORT CASES bring       Joy, Smiles, and Relief!



What makes Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation different from other cancer organizations? We are a small charity. We maintain direct contact with hematology/oncology medical teams identifying children and families in need. We act on those requests with the sense of urgency that delicate lives require.

Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation provides a supply of Comfort Cases to participating hospitals to make sure that patients have items they will need, but may not have immediate access to, or resources to obtain. Support is all year round. Holidays highlight additional needs to support entire families. 

Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation enlists students and young people as an essential part of spreading the message of hope and healing. 

Our pediatric cancer nonprofit has a leadership of diverse professionals. We are committed to representation in building bridges across the myriad of communities to strengthen the Courtney Jones Cancer Care and Cure Community.

Children hospitalized due to cancer spend lots of time dreaming... Wishing they were cancer-free, Wishing that they never had to face cancer head-on, Wishing pain would go away.  Children fighting cancer dream of sharing healthy, joyous lives with family, friends, and classmates.  

The Foundation

Established as a 501c (3) nonprofit charity

The Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation was established to continue Courtney’s bold dream of helping children and families, as they battle against cancer and fight for a cure. Courtney’s dreams and the compassion of her school community continues to fuel the growth and impact of this 100% volunteer-run Foundation.

The power of friends, families, and groups, joined together, will make a difference in the lives of these brave children. Engage in the fight. Build a team of care partners. This Foundation is You!

How to Help

  • Make a Recurring, One-Time, or Legacy Donation
  • Enroll in your Employer's Charity Matching  Program
  • Set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser 
  • Purchase Items on Children's Wish Lists
  • Sponsor Foundation Events
  • Set up a peer-to-peer school or club fundraising competition
  • Spread the word about this organization and establish a giving partner or group
  • Attend Exciting Fundraising Events
  • Volunteer  time or Professional Services
  • Donate Goods for Raffles and Auctions
  • Follow, Like, and Share us on Social Media! Ask your followers to check us out

We believe... that when you partner with us in ways big or small, children will see that they are surrounded by people who care.

We believe in the power of each and every one of us. Small "drops" of support, when combined, can create an ocean of change. We want and need you to join our Care & Cure Community. We want you to create the change!

Ask your co-workers, classmates, teammates, congregations, professional, social, trade and civic groups, Greek Letter organizations, friend and family groups, to choose Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation. We can't wait to work with you!  Email us at


 Our Mission

  • Obtain and appropriate funding for pediatric cancer research and development of underrepresented minority researchers/physicians

  • Create moments of joy for pediatric cancer and blood disorder patients and families

  • Engage youth and diverse communities-at-large in activities to expand pediatric cancer awareness and empowerment in the mission of realizing a cure

    Courtney A. Jones at UH Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital

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