Courtney Jones Care and Cure Foundation provides support to children and their families while receiving treatment for cancer and blood disorders.
   The Foundation partners with participating Northeast Ohio pediatric oncology/hematology medical professionals to provide gifts, experiences and resources throughout the year, to children in treatment for their cancer diagnosis. 

   The little things that can brighten a child's day are things that encourage them to fight cancer, one day at a time. Birthday presents, activities, arts and crafts, gift cards, access to cherished experiences, games, clothing, restaurant cards, and sports activities help with many emotional and financial burdens from frequent and/or long-term hospital visits. 

   Children have enough to think about while in treatment. Let's make some of their thoughts happy ones! Together, we can create moments that children can escape thoughts of chemotherapy, surgery, injections, pain, radiation, isolation, limited mobility, medication, transfusion, infusions, sadness or lenghthy hospital stays.

   The Foundation funds cancer research with a focus on pediatric cancer treatment and cures. Children deserve to know that we are not only hoping for a cure, we are investing in those cures.  There is so much work to do in bridging the gap between available effective treatments and the resources needed to develop and research those treatments.

   Courtney's mission to care for children and invest in pediatric cancer cures continues to thrive because of generous donors like you! We appreciate each and every one of you!

Thank You,

Alisha M. Jones

Founder/Executive Director